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The continual and complete technical assistance is assured to the Customer as part of the basic services offered by G.A.S. S.r.l. The main purpose of the company is to maintain "The satisfaction of the Customer". In order to do this, G.A.S. S.r.l. runs a preventive strategy which aims to appraise the requirements of the Customer and to adapt the policies and the quality procedures to the specific contractual demands.

The technical assistance includes:

  • telephonic lines active 24/7
  • availability for meetings at the G.A.S S.r.l. offices  and/ or at the Customer's
  • preventive evaluation of possible nonconformity
  • explanation of the procedures of realization of the service
  • legibility, repeatability and filing of data in most of the common formats
  • choice of operational strategies and alternative proposals
  • technical consultancy

GAS S.r.l. adopts a Quality Management System compliant with the norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

The purpose of the Quality Management System is to aim for a constant improvement. The company has developed several tools of monitoring to insure Customer Satisfaction.



The H.S.E. policy adopted by G.A.S. S.r.l. is a part of the adopted Quality Management System. A “Safety Manual” coming from the main manual of the company is adopted during the survey operation.

The company has in place a continuous monitoring in order to assure the compliance to the the compliance with the provisions of ENI Appendix "E-1" - Health and Safety.

Furthermore we are aware about the content of art.9 e 10 del D.Lgs.624/96 and on the ENI provided instruction for compiling the DSS forms and table.

More than the rules adopted by G.A.S. S.r.l., following what stated in the italian norms (626/94, 624/96), and the international norms (BS8800, OHSAS 18001, OHSAS 18002), the company has summarised through the years specific procedures to be observed on board the survey vessels. Namely, all the personnel on board have a safety manual.

The QMS of G.A.S. S.r.l. involves the recording of all the activities linked to the safety control on proper forms listed in the Quality Plan, matrix 4. The correct management of safety in the working site is as important as the operational procedures because it contributes to the realisation of a better and efficient service.

The vessels owned by G.A.S. S.r.l., the R/V Odin Finder adopts the safety standards (SMS) conform to the international procedures ISM.